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Originally Posted by duknuk View Post
Well, I've learned that my chickens are not
just cold hardy, they are Arctic-hardy.


It's even too cold to clean the coop. But it's not like the poops are going to smell - they are frozen solid. We are just cleaning the nests and top surfaces. Walking on the shavings, it feels like there are rocks under foot.

Bringing out extra carbs for warmth during these days, popping corn, baking corn bread. Anything to give them a little warmth inside their bodies. And they are faring well. The heat lamp is hanging, so the coop is around 32-38. Not too bad in there. Of course a bunch of them would rather be outside. They love their freedom more than warmth or food it seems.
My late husband said he saw some of Ray Price's chickens walking around outside just as happy as could be one time with ice on their backs. That was here in Texas though and it doesn't get near as cold here as it does there. I think if you gave them the choice of going outside they are smart enough to know when to go in.

I big pan of warm cornbread sounds good!
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